John, Question about Warren Jergens studio

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John, Question about Warren Jergens studio

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After a long hiatus of just jamming around on some personal stuff I have some serious work about to come up and thought since you were kind enough to set me on the path with this kick ass modular design for my room, and that the very nice Birch plywood that I wanted for my slats is starting to go up in price I might ought to get off my slacking rear :roll: , buy about 10 sheets before the price went up any more and finish my damn room :yahoo:

Along with getting my slats done I was also thinking about maybe cutting some new front baffles for my Soffits out of some of the new birch and stain them to replace the black MDF ones.

Just for quick reference so you don't have to dig back to find my project,,,
here is what you had proposed to me that I could build in my room
This is how it turned out(Awesome,,, Thank you :wink: )
room stuff 008.jpg

Ok my first question is,,upon looking at Warren's studio( as we both have the same JBL's) I see that his extend out past the soffit face.
Is this perfectly acceptable, or is this a compromise due to the rounded face of the JBL's?
as I also see that Genelec has a kit for flush mounting the 8040/8050 and that the speaker extends out from the face
' - www_genelec_com_documents_other_8040-8050_flushmount_kits_pdf.jpg
I was under the impression that the speaker needed to be at zero plane to the front of the baffle. Is there an acceptable tolerance of how far it can extend out before there are sonic complications? Or is anything past zero plane a compromise of sorts? I would love some clarification on this please as now I'm kinda confused a little

When I cut my old baffles, due to the way the face is rounded on the JBL's
studio stuffff 027.jpg
I took a router to cut out the inside so as the faces would be at zero and flush with the front of the baffle (without touching of course)
The main reason I ask this is when I cut my new baffles, If it is perfectly acceptable, the way Warren has made his would be waaayy more easier to cut than having to route out the inside.

BUT,,If it is any kind of compromise to the sound, I don't mind doing the routing.

Once again, thank you so much for this site and all the knowledge that you share so freely.
And Thanks for all your help with this room,, it has been such a treat to be able to enjoy it.

Gentlemen,,,Start your Wallets.
John Sayers
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Re: John, Question about Warren Jergens studio

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Dave - soffit mounting is used to clarify the low end response. When you consider the size of low end waveforms - i.e. 100hz is 3.3 metres or 10' 9" peak to peak 1" isn't really going to make that much difference.
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